Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rick's Dessert Diner

Calories, schmalories.  Just do it!

Rick's Dessert Diner
2322 K Street
Sacramento, CA

To those opposed to birth control:

If you must bring your family of eight, please note:

1)  There WILL be a line.  Single file should be the obviously logical choice here.
2)  The queue progresses along the dessert case.  When you get to the register, please do not ask, "So, what kind of pies do you have?"
3)  The dessert case area is not the size of a ballroom, so kindly think of the diners and control your brats (if they are brats, of course)!

Now that I've gotten that off of my chest...

Amazingly beautiful, scrumptious delicacies can be found here.  Slightly pricey, yes, but quality takes time and effort.

Two thumbs up!